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Total Mom is hyper/abrasive harsh noise from a 16-year-old newcomer on
the Providence scene. Don’t let the rubbernecking novelty value
mislead _ this is a potent, varied, and fully-realized release which
demands serious listening. “child.jpg” and “Sad Dad” will be among the
most damaging screech to cross your deck this year, while the
clobbering yet spacious album closer “Forcibly Removed” demonstrates
the confidence and maturity of a veteran sound artist.

When asked to comment on his music, Total Mom instead provided the
following thoughts composed by his younger sister:

Total Mom does not deserve the space these tapes will take up in the
world. Instead of an awful abomination betraying everything music is
supposed to be, a boxset of Seinfeld or a musical birthday card could

With $10, you could buy a pizza, or your friend a pack of clicky pens,
or your dog a nice bone (because it?s what he deserves). Instead,
you?re seriously considering throwing it away on the dumb noise a 16
year old (whom I suspect to be simple minded) claims is “music.”

If you buy this tape, you will regret it. Your grandson will feel the
shame of it, and so will his grandson, and his grandson, and his
grandson, until everyone with half a mind left has uploaded their
brain onto a hard drive, no longer has a physical body, and music is a
long lost art. Do not make this mistake.

Sibling rivalry aside, No Rent fully stands behind Total Mom and We
Fed The Pig My Music. After all, the children are the future.

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