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There was a lot of debate in the 90s—academic, public policy, behavioral health—regarding the validity and veracity of Bug Chasing/Gift Giving (i.e. intentional HIV infection/ transmission). Regardless of whether the concept ever really extended beyond roleplay, concept, or isolated individuals, the notion of embracing one’s own demise always felt incredibly poignant in the face of Falwell’s “moral majority;” Reagan’s silence; Cardinal O’Connor’s stiff platitudes. When it really was the plague years, how could one not feel inclined to give in to rage, to subvert the moral fatalism of the Christian death cult, to meet the End head on without fear or uncertainty?

Disembodied voices of the departed usher tracks of densely layered power electronics. The interplay of texture and frequency supports snarled vocals that seem to stumble over themselves in the pursuit of their own demise. Few paraphilias benefit from solitude, here is no different; guest appearances from Délinquance Juvénile (FR), Contraktor (US), and Grutesk (US). GITGOTG strives to neither glorify nor shame, but rather humanize those who were vilified by leaders of Faith and Government, left to fend for themselves during the height of the epidemic. Let this be a monument, erected.

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