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    Since debuting on Opal Tapes back in 2013 with Body Issues, Max Ravitz has been consistently prolific under a number of guises in a plethora of places. With his primary focus as Patricia, the Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based producer has delivered an album and supporting EPs to Spectral Sound, as well as additional transmissions for Sleeperhold Publications, Nona Records and other compilation drops. Meanwhile, he?s formed Black Mold with Lumigraph, DSR.MR with Cloudface, Inhalants with Jahiliyya Fields, Masks with ARP and Pulpo with Bookworms. These collaborations with equally celebrated practitioners spell out the furtive corner of contemporary techno Ravitz orbits, where hardware classicism gets channeled towards new plains of atmospheric expression. As well worn as the tools undoubtedly are, the results are consistently compelling.

    Hear below:
    Heavy Merging by Patricia

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