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n_/0 is the title Mexican producer Luis Rivera now takes for his all analogue approach to techno and experimental electronics. Following studies of music and synthesis in the US and UK he has since worked as a soundtrack composer and has previously released on Traum, M_nus and Deep Tech along with collaborating with Pheek, Rene Audiard, Alicia Hush amongst others.

(entitYname0nly) see’s Rivera hone down minimal techno and spacious sound design in the manner of Sciahri or Rrose. Utterly hypnotising, rolling pieces which interlock and splice apart with each successive listen. A resolute interest in the operations and aesthetics of old electronic equipment infuses this release with an objective fetishism of the human/machine paradox.

“What if this relation of user and machine swapped sides, what if the human responded to machine orders?, what if the human only placed elements that are native to his world into computer compositions ?…….What distortions of reality would occur ?

These tracks are my response to this questions and try to serve as a soundtrack to this hypothesis.”

– Luis Rivera / 2019

(entitYname0nly) by n_/0

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