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Modern Primitives: An Investigation Of Contemporary Adornment & Ritual

What our staff has to say: “Modern Primitives takes a dive into the world of body art and modifications, focusing on early history and up until the publishing of the book (1989), a documentation of people who have adorned their bodies. A significant cultural tradition that has spanned all of human existence. Great articles ft. The likes of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.” – Dan

First published 20 years ago, “Modern Primitives” is still called “the bible of the tattooing-piercing underground.” Here is a celebratory reprinting, complete with a new introduction by original editor/publisher V. Vale. Also added is a new community section, where current practitioners have been invited to have their cards displayed. “Modern Primitives” was the first book to investigate not only the “how” but also the “why” of body modification practices. It reaches far back into history to multiform cultural traditions to illuminate one of today’s most wide-spread youth culture visual signifiers. Heavily illustrated with detailed, contemporary photographs, as well as archival anthropological images and drawings of ancient tattoo traditions, “Modern Primitives” was ground-zero for today’s body-modification trends.