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    CD Features four tracks- one solo track each artist: K2, Constrain and Fenian and one three way *collab.

    K2‘s fluid, propulsive unmistakable shuddering masterclass soaking in layers of frenzy: ‘Sarrogate For Mass Murder’. Constrain‘s expertly delivered blasts of harsh electronics providing once again ample evidence that KDM is a master of static assault textures on ‘Recognizable Mask‘. Fenian‘s electronics meet glass smash, unrepentant harsh noise careens across multiple lanes of sonic blacktop on ‘Phenomenology‘ and *track 4; a brain bending collaboration track ‘Spreading Particles Go Smokey’ K2, using de-composed tracks/sounds from Kevin McEleney/Constrain and Matt Purse/Fenian played and mixed by K2/Kimihide Kusafuka yields a track overflowing with petulant dissonance and the repeated lightning strike of shuddering rubble blasts, culminating in a pristine surge assault of cut-up harsh noise protocol. All of the phenomenal artwork on this CD by KDM, Kevin McEleney.

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    In stock



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    SKU Oxen 016
    Shipping Class Media Mail
    Weight 20 oz
    Dimensions 13 × 13 × 1 in

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