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    “Inactive Parts” was a December 2014 installation at The Trunk Space in Phoenix, AZ consisting of paintings, screen printed xerox pieces, lathe cut 7″ records and two sets of two single-sided acetate LPs which used for a sound installation that could also function has “instruments” for a live performance. Two performances occurred: 12/05/14 (the opening reception, duration: 4 hours), 12/20/14 (for the Gilgongo Records 10 year anniversary event with Sissy Spacek, Stephen Steinbrink, Cherie Cherie and Maniac Cop (Mallevs), duration: approx. 30 minutes). The majority of “Inactive Parts” consists of quiet, acoustic sound being played back at significantly amplified volumes (with some portions of tape collage using material from various tape recordings circa 2005-2008).

    “Inactive Parts” as a title is a reference to the standard time in which metal plates for pressing records are discarded if the customer does not repress or make arrangements for the plates to be shipped. The irony in this standard is that at the time of the finalized edit of this release, the typical turn time for an LP was more than 6 months from start to finish. As a person who’s primary role in “music” is releasing records, this conflict in fine print and reality was mildly amusing, though it created an environment which had become problematic to the point that many peers who run labels were calling it quits. ?Inactive Parts? originally appeared as ?New Material?, an hour long piece which aired on Ricardo Wang?s ?What?s This Called?? on KPSU in Portland, OR in August 2014. The content of that program, the acetate version and this final edition are all slightly different from one another.

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