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Flora-Yin Wong – Liturgy

What our staff has to say: “A stunning book that delves deep into how we process and understand traditions, holiness & superstition. Unlike anything i’ve ever read.” – Cleo

A collage/text exploration of the overlap between healing, fiction, memory and ritual

London-based Chinese Malaysian multidisciplinary producer and DJ Flora Yin-Wong presents her first book, Liturgy, a journey into the uncanny realm of the senses. Divided into nine chapters, the book delves deep into histories of healing and intuition. Reflecting the multilayered tonality of Yin-Wong’s music, which often draws on field recordings and dissonant sounds, it interweaves textual and visual collage, divining inspiration from meditation, oracles, curses, divination, hexagrams and superstitions. Much like her music, which has been described as containing aural snapshots of places and sensations, Yin-Wong’s Liturgy comprises a multitude of mediums. Reflected here is not only the multidisciplinary artist’s approach to sound, but also her interest in the connection between fiction, memory, rituals and incantation.