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Following September 2017’s release of “Imperfect Charm” a 5-track EP of post-club, haunted techno and heady sound designed industrial. Evitceles has developed his sound far further, with releases on Seagrave, Yerevan and Sofia locals Amek.

“The Substance Of My Fantasies” is his first album and boils down the previous work into a narrative and truly dramatic session over its 9 tracks. Opening gambit “Take Me to Common Ground” unlocks the gates with bruising rave stabs left to exist in a vacuum of sub-bass boom and augmented voice. “Nightcrawler / Third Night” is a diffuse future-garage roller, priming razor-edged basslines against a hollow melancholia, a theme present throughout this album. “Spit Hearts” cranks the busted drum patters out through a super hi-fi field of gothic synthesiser. Closing piece “Behaviour Exercise” places off-thumbed emo-guitar lines and barely uttered exclamations into a gorgeous outro recalling sad boy rap styles from the darkest corners.

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