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Crow – Last Chaos

What our staff has to say: “Discharge worship through the lens of Japan, Last Chaos the debut album from Crow is everything you want in a fast D-beat harcore record. Prank Records reissue is everything you need a perfect recreation of the original at a price that won’t make you stress about rent.” – Dan

Osaka’s CROW formed in the early 1980’s explosion of Japanese hardcore, but have always been a distinctive, unique band even within that astonishing pantheon. Much of Early Japanese hardcore sought, refined and creatively interpreted primary and immediate influence from noisy UK imports by DISORDER and CHAOS UK, but CROW took its unique and deepest impression from DISCHARGE , with powerful vocals fronting distortion laden guitar driven charges. Unafraid to careen the high energy pace into complete musical destruction or ensnare you completely in a fist-pumping chorus driven anthem like the classic “Give Up All Hope” and “Anarchy. Chaos. Destruction”, The Osaka-era CROW existed for a few more years, appearing on the legendary “Eye Of The Thrash Guerrilla” compilation before the band disbanded. A new iteration of the band began in the late 1990’s in Tokyo with prolific discography, toured US several times and continues to this day.