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Airway began as a solo project of Los Angeles Free Music
Society member Joe Potts. The first release was the Airway
7-inch, which featured subliminal messages to coincide with
an art exhibition in Tokyo. Since their August 1978 live debut
at the LACE Gallery, the group has performed many concerts
with different large lineups, always with Joe Potts’ subliminal
message experiments as a central feature. Airway’s “Live At
LACE” LP, first released in 1978, and introduced to Japan
by Takuya Sakaguchi, was a direct influence on the projects
Hijokaidan and Merzbow. In their 42-year history Airway’s
discography to date includes the albums “Live At LACE”,
“Beyond The Pink Live”, a split LP with Hijokaidan, “Live At
Mark Moore Gallery”, and now “Live At MOCA”.

“Live At MOCA” was recorded January 30, 2014 in Los
Angeles, California. The line-up includes: Ama, Ted Byrnes,
Chip Chapman, Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Juan Gomez,
Joseph Hammer, Kevin Laffey, Maya, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe
Potts, Rick Potts, Tom Recchion, Dani Tull, Vetza, John
Wiese, with additional sounds contributed by Team Airway
Japan: Takayuki Hashimoto, Jojo Hiroshige, Kazuya Ishigami,
Katsuyoshi Kou, Toshiji Mikawa, Masahiko Ohno, Atsushi
Reizen, Takuya Sakaguchi, Shizuo Uchida. The recording was
made by Tamaki Ueda, and was mixed by John Wiese. The
cover was designed by Tinytown.
– Helicopter

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